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Glue Dots® & Gluefast DUOs


Glue Dots® and Gluefast DUOS: A dot of glue where you need it!

From home projects and school crafts to industrial packaging and promotional bundling, pressure sensitive adhesive dots of glue known as Glue Dots® and Gluefast DUOS provide a fast, easy, and clean method for bonding just about any two substrates. Gluefast offers both Glue Dots® and Gluefast DUOS in four tack strengths — low, medium, high and super high — for temporary as well as permanent bonding.

You can purchase Glue Dots & Gluefast DUOS in self-dispensing boxes.  There are also various hand applicators for Glue Dots, along with semi-automatic and automatic applicators.

What is a Pressure Sensitive Adhesive?

Gluefast Glue DotsWhat is a Pressure Sensitive Adhesive? Pressure sensitive adhesives are bonding substances that activate when pressed down upon. Glue Dots® and Gluefast DUOS, sometimes referred to as fugitive adhesive or booger glue, are spots of pressure sensitive hot melt adhesives extruded onto silicone release liners. Unlike most hot melt adhesives, Glue Dots® remain tacky at room temperature. The adhesive dot bonds weakly with the silicone and the user easily transfers a dot on one substrate and applies pressure with another substrate to make the two stick together. As a removable dot, pressure sensitive adhesives are best known to the public as the glue that adheres credit-card-like items to the paper carrier in promotional mailings. There are different tack strengths for different needs.

  Gluefast DUOS Glue Dots®
Product advantage Lowest cost per spot Convenience of one up spot
Spots per roll 1,000 & 6,000 4,000
Rolls are in a self-dispensing box Yes Yes
Adhesive tack strengths Low, Medium, High, & Super High Low, Medium, High, & Super High
Available in flat sheets Yes – 80 spots per sheet, 75 sheets per box No
Custom lines or sizes Yes Yes
Equipment available for dispensing dots No Yes – Dot Shot Pro
Equipment available for cutting and dispensing glue lines Yes – DUOMATE No

What are Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Glue Dots® used for?

Pressure Sensitive Glue DotsGlue Dots® and Gluefast DUOS can be used in low or medium tack form for arts and crafts as well as bundling promotional products. Bundled products are easily pulled apart and the pressure sensitive adhesive dot or strip is thrown away. High tack and super high tack pressure sensitive adhesives are useful for creating permanent bonds with woods, papers, textiles, fabrics, and ceramics, just to name a few.

Typical Applications

  • Secure promotional items to packaged goods.
  • Hold paper labels in place without damaging the product's surface.
  • Keep product labels facing forward in multi-packs.
  • Pre-position and hold gift basket components in place.
  • Spot glue without equipment! Unlimited post-press applications. Great for both large and small jobs.
  • Custom products like Glue Lines and Duo Lines allow for quick fastening of hard-to-handle substrates like textiles.

Make Gluing for Contract Packaging, Product Assembly, Printing/Bindery, Direct Mail, Palletizing, and Fixturing Easy!
Stick with Gluefast DUOS and Glue Dots®.

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