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Mission Statement

At Gluefast we believe integrity, quality products and superior customer service is the best way to run our business. Since 1939, every product and service that we provide has been created and executed with our customers in mind. We are dedicated to offering a line of quality gluing machinery, adhesives & acrylic coatings for a variety of customer needs produced in a safe and friendly working environment.

Corporate Overview

Gluefast: Specialists in Adhesives, Glues, and Application Equipment
Established in 1939, Gluefast is more than just a provider of high-quality glues, adhesives, and application equipment: since our early days as a small labeler and envelope moistener manufacturer, we have offered our customers the highest standards in service while expanding our glue, adhesive, and equipment product lines. As a result, today Gluefast is a comprehensive manufacturer of pressure sensitive adhesives, packaging adhesive, adhesive applicators, faux finish texture coating/texturizing products, hot melt glue systems, coating and laminating equipment, palletizing glue, mounting and laminating products, and much more.

The Gluefast History: From Labeler to International Glue and Adhesives Manufacturer
Our first products included a small moistening device to wet gummed labels, envelopes and postage stamps. We developed a line of manual label gluers which evolved into motorized gluing machinery and adhesive applicators. By the 1950’s, Gluefast was manufacturing glues as well as adhesives and carrying more than one hundred products for adhesive packaging, palletizing, and carton sealing. In 1986, Gluefast joined the Packaging Machinery Manufacturer’s Institute (PMMI) which today includes more than five hundred U.S. and Canadian manufacturers of packaging equipment.

In 1992, we introduced the SKID-LOCK® UNITIZING SYSTEM, a simple and cost-effective way to stabilize pallet loads while significantly reducing stretch wrap & strapping, reducing solid waste. This palletizing adhesive process has led to an increased number of exports and distributor contacts. Today we export SKID-LOCK®, as well as glue labelers, to every continent. In 1998, Gluefast introduced GLUE SPOTS, a unique removable adhesive dots system, which consists of pressure sensitive hot melt adhesives the size of a dime extruded onto a silicone release liner. By 2001, Gluefast changed this product's format and renamed it Gluefast DUOS. In 2005, Gluefast became a distributor for the Glue Dots® product line.

On July 27, 1998, we moved our factory and offices from Carlstadt in northern New Jersey fifty miles South to the town of Neptune. Gluefast’s current facility is 17,000 square feet and provides ample space for continued growth and expansion.

In November 1998, Gluefast introduced the MELTCATOR, our first hot melt applicator in the form of a roll coater. In September 2004, Gluefast introduced the SOLO GLUE RITER®, the only glue applicator bottle featuring precision control. In May 2005, Gluefast introduced the CRAQUELURE TEXTURE COATING for posters and prints. The faux finish acrylic product applies a layer that makes posters appear hand painted.

In 2014 we introduced the CV series of water based acrylic coating designed specifically for use on canvas giclees printed with aqueous inks. The water based acrylic coating adds great elasticity so that when a canvas giclee is stretched onto a wooden frame, the ink does not tear when wrapping around the 90 degree angle of the frame.

At the 2017 Print show in Chicago about one-third of the visitors to our booth requested information on a business card duplexing system to create double and triple thick business cards. A few months later we introduced the Business Card Duplexing System at Graphics of the Americas in Fort Lauderdale held in February 2018. This simple system lets small printers produce their own double & triple thick business cards.

Since 1939, Gluefast has been proud to serve a limitless number of industries, from packaging to converting to graphics. Gluefast has answers to your adhesive, gluing, mounting, labeling, and packaging needs: contact us today to learn more.


Make Gluing for Contract Packaging, Product Assembly, Printing/Bindery, Direct Mail, Palletizing, and Fixturing Easy!
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Gluefast: Specialists in Adhesives, Glues, and Application Equipment