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Water-Based Adhesives and Glues, Pressure-Sensitive, Hot Melt Adhesives, and More at Gluefast

Gluefast's research and development team is constantly exploring new technologies to create more effective and more environmentally friendly glues and adhesives for specific applications. Carrying a line of water-based adhesives and glues, acid free glues, and hot melt/pressure sensitive adhesives, Gluefast commits to developing and supplying the adhesives and glues customers need for packaging, photo and poster mounting, palletizing, padding, folder gluing, self-seal, lap gluing, mass mailing, woodworking, and much more. At Gluefast, we take pride in developing feasible, cost-effective solutions for our customers' needs; contact us today for specific glue and adhesive application information.


  • Glues & AdhesivesAdhesive - A product made from synthetic materials (such as resins) which bonds two substrates.
  • Glue - A product made from naturally occurring materials (animal or vegetable) which bonds two substrates.
  • Open Time - Begins when adhesive or glue is applied to one substrate and ends when the two substrates are combined.
  • Setting Time - The time required for a bond to form.
  • Curing - Occurs when the bond has reached full strength.

The glues and adhesives offered by Gluefast can be divided into two broad categories:

Water-Based Glues and Adhesives – These are liquid products used in the packaging, converting, and graphics industries for many applications. When the water evaporates a bond is formed. In most cases one of the substrates to be glued must be porous. These water based products offer great economy.

Hot Melt Adhesives – These are 100% solid thermoplastic materials that when heated (normally 275°F or higher) become liquid. Most of these adhesives are applied at the liquid state. At ambient temperatures most hot melts are not tacky, except for pressure sensitive hot melts.

A special use for hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives can be seen with our Gluefast DUOS and Glue Dots® products.





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