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Glue Dots®


Glue Dots® are the Perfect Fit for Promotional Packaging and Bundling

Adding promotional items is a great way to attract attention to packages, and Glue Dots® are the fastest and best solution to secure print material for promotional packages, bundling, and advertising items. Purchase your Glue Dots® from Gluefast, the largest stocking distributor of Glue Dots® on the East Coast. Glue Dots® are pressure sensitive adhesives, often referred to as fugitive adhesives or booger glue, that go on easy and keep promotional advertising and promotional print materials secure.

The uses and benefits of Glue Dots® as an adhesive:

  • Glue Dots® are pressure sensitive adhesives, that go on easy and keep promotional advertising and promotional print materials secure. Attach special offers or feature certain products and coupons to promotional packaging.
  • Goes on easy and keeps promotional advertising and promotional print materials secure.
  • Use in marketing promotional packaging and bundling, for an adhesive that stays strong but removes easily. Glue Dots® give you the strength you need in an adhesive, without the headache for your consumers.
  • They are also available in different formulas for both direct and indirect contact with food.

Whether you are looking to attach a personalized note, a business card, or a free item, you can trust that with Glue Dots®, promotional material and packaging reaches consumers the way you intended.

Increase Production With Easy-to-Use Glue Dots®

When it comes to promotional packaging and bundling, you want to get your message across to consumers, and get it there quickly. Glue Dots® are a no-hassle adhesive, designed to be easy to use and quick to attach.
The ideal adhesive for use in mass promotional items and packaging, Glue Dots® speed up the assembly lines, cutting down on the time it takes to mail out or produce promotional advertising items. 

Attach custom promotional items or free promotional items for your business by simply touching the object to the Glue Dot®, or use the Dot Shot Pro applicator to bring the dots to the item to be glued. With the ease of Glue Dots®, your business can speed up operations, ensuring that your promotional materials and packages are reaching consumers, without wasting time. 

Glue Dots® Come in Different Strengths and Thicknesses for the Right Fit

Glue Dots®, also known as fugitive adhesive or booger glue, come in varying tack strengths and thicknesses, the latter of which is commonly referred to as a profile. Gluefast also offers Glue Dots® in other sizes than the standard. Check out Custom Products to find the right size for your needs.

Tack Levels

Standard Glue Dots® tack (strength) levelsStandard Glue Dots® tack (strength) levels:

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
  • Super High

Super High Tack creates a permanent bond. Low or Medium Tacks are considered removable.

Low Tack contains some oil. Test absorbent surfaces for bleeding. Glue Dots are produced using a variety of synthetic, rubber-based adhesives. To give these adhesives their removable capabilities, varying degrees of oils are used. In most cases these oils will not discolor surfaces. However, the effects of the oils vary based on the absorption properties of the substrate. As the strength level increases, the concentration of oils decreases. We recommend thoroughly testing the adhesive on given substrates where discoloration is a concern. To speed up testing times, we suggest applying dots to the substrates and heating them up to 150 degrees for three days at room temperature after six months.


Glue Dots® are available in three profiles (thicknesses).

Glue Dots® are available in three profiles (thicknesses).

Low profile Glue Dots® are thin and used for bonding level items. Medium and High profiles are suited for irregularly-shaped objects.

Our Recommendation for Tack Strength and Profile for Promotional Packaging and Bundling Is:
Tack strength: Low or Medium
Profile: Low



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