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Canvas & Print Coatings


Acrylic Coatings for Canvas and Paper Prints for Wall Art

Acrylic Coatings for Canvas and Paper Prints for Wall ArtThis is a low viscosity coating designed for aqueous inks. It provides a protective coating with elasticity, which keeps the inks from tearing when a canvas giclee is stretched onto a wooden frame. Acrylic coatings for canvas and paper prints are available with or without added uv protection in a hi-gloss or matte finish. Formulas available for application with a Mayer rod or paint roller.

NEW! CV Spray Kit
Kit includes two sets of Preval Aerosol Spray units with jars, V-Grip Handle, 2 extra nozzles & Feed Tubes and one pint CV 2300UV glossy or CV2200UV matte finish coating. Simply spray the artwork and you get protection, gloss or matte enhancement and UV protection. You can experiment with different spray amounts for different looking effects! If you flood coat the print – which provides a natural flat look – you can expect to get about up to 256 square feet of coverage per gallon. This coating can also be applied with a roller or an HVLP (Hi Volume Low Pressure) sprayer similar to our PAT Sprayer.

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CV Spray KitCV Sprayer in Action

Craquelure Texture Gel Coatings
Craquelure texture coating is an acid-free water based acrylic polymer coating in a flowable gel form. It is normally applied with a paint brush, roller or pallet knife directly onto a canvas giclee, poster, or photograph after being stretched or mounted. The coating is white but it dries clear.  For more information, click here.

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"...the CV Spray is working out great, I love that it doesn't have any harsh smells."

Ken Smith
Wall-Y World Gallery
Ormond Beach, FL

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