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Glue Dots®


Keep Drug Facts and other Vital Information Visible and Easy to Read with Glue Dots® for Pharmaceutical Packaging

Providing drug information prescription drug bottles and pharmaceutical packaging is not only required, it can be life saving. Ensure that people can clearly read pharmaceutical labels containing drug information, expiration dates, and warning labels, by using Glue Dots®, an adhesive that bonds quickly and firmly and leaves no residue behind, which could obstruct the reading of critical drug information.

Glue Dots® are a popular choice for pharmaceutical companies in attaching outsert labels on prescription drug bottles and in other packaging of material for pharmaceutical products.The ease, strength, and clean appearance of Glue Dots® have made them a popular choice for pharmaceutical companies in attaching outsert labels on prescription drug bottles and in other packaging of material for pharmaceutical products.

Use in Glue Dots® in Pharmaceutical Packaging to:

  • Attach outserts to bottle.
  • Keep drug information visible and easily read. 
  • Provide a pull-back label for additional drug facts or product usage.

The Advantages of Glue Dots®

  • Hold firm
  • Strengths vary from temporary to permanent hold.
  • Leaves labels flat and smooth, so it won’t interfere with important drug information.

Glue Dots® are the Safe Choice for Pharmaceutical Packaging

As pressure sensitive adhesives, Glue Dots® are safer and much easier to use than hot melt glues or industrial adhesives. Glue Dots® also have many uses, making them one of the most versatile adhesives. They also outperform other adhesives because they go on clean and leave no messy spotting or residue behind in contrast to many hot melt glues. FDA approved for indirect contact with food (indirect food contact formula available on special order), Glue Dots® are non-toxic and safe to use around prescription drugs. Keep your drug packaging label easy to read, and trust it will hold firm with Glue Dots®.

Find the Right Strength and Thickness You Need

Choose different tack strengths and thicknesses – known as profile – to best suit your project.

Tack Levels

Standard Glue Dots® tack (strength) levelsStandard Glue Dots® tack (strength) levels:

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
  • Super High

Super High Tack creates a permanent bond. Low or Medium Tacks are considered removable.

Low Tack contains some oil. Test absorbent surfaces for bleeding. Glue Dots are produced using a variety of synthetic, rubber-based adhesives. To give these adhesives their removable capabilities, varying degrees of oils are used. In most cases these oils will not discolor surfaces. However, the effects of the oils vary based on the absorption properties of the substrate. As the strength level increases, the concentration of oils decreases. We recommend thoroughly testing the adhesive on given substrates where discoloration is a concern. To speed up testing times, we suggest applying dots to the substrates and heating them up to 150 degrees for three days to simulate results at room temperature after six months.


Glue Dots® are available in three profiles (thicknesses).

Glue Dots® are available in three profiles (thicknesses).

Low profile Glue Dots® are thin and used for bonding level items. Medium and High profiles are suited for irregularly shaped objects.

Our Recommendation for Tack Strength and Profile in Drug and Pharmaceutical Packaging:
Tack strength: Medium or High
Profile: Low



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