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GF #5 Liquid Glue

PRODUCT TYPE: A water based dextrin glue.

APPLICATIONS: GF #5 liquid glue is ideally suited for use in manual label gluers for labeling plain paper, kraft, corrugated cartons, wood and some glass. It may adhere labels to treated polyethylene and polypropylene.

*FEATURES: NO DAILY CLEANUP! GF #5 can be left in label gluers overnight without crystallizing if covered with a thoroughly wet towel and placed in a plastic bag. Cloth should be damp the next morning. Glue can be reclaimed for weekly cleanup. Excellent for labeling with carbon or NCR stock, or bar code labels. Will not discolor goldenrod stock. Ready to use. No mixing or dilution required.

It is very economical on a cost per label basis because of its "no daily cleanup" feature and the lack of build up and waste on the gluing equipment. Expected yield of 75,000 square inches of glue per gallon can be achieved when used in manual or electric label gluers.

When used with the Gluefast Label Pro® gluer yield is up to 150,000 square inches of glue per gallon!

APPLICATION EQUIPMENT: Manual or electric table top label gluers. Also good for use in automatic mass mailing/addressing machines such as Cheshire or Kirk Rudy labelers.

FDA STATUS: Ingredients comply with regulations for use in Food Packaging Adhesives as per regulation 175.105.


pH: 7-8

VISCOSITY: 150-250 cps

CLEANUP SOLVENT: Warm water or soap and water.

STORAGE CONDITIONS: Store at room temperature. Rotate stock using oldest material first. Shelf life is six months.

*NOTE: Surfaces and information above are suggestions only. . . final tests for suitability remain the responsibility of the user.

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