Gluefast Adhesives, Coatings and Applicators
COVID 19 ALERT: Gluefast is working to support our customers’ needs while keeping our employees safe!

Pricing & Supply Chain Issues

The past 18 months have been difficult to digest… for so many years we saw material price increases average 3-4% per year. Since 2020 raw material costs have increased as much as 40% for some items! Maintaining higher-than-normal inventory has been the only way to be certain that we could serve our customers’ needs. For nearly a year we were in a constant back-order situation for our hot melt padding adhesive, but that has finally eased.

Price increases have slowed but certain materials are still difficult to find. Here at Gluefast we are doing all we can to serve the gluing needs of our customers. As usual we continue to offer the best in customer service… if we tell you we are going to ship on a certain date and we cannot meet that date, we will provide you with as much advance notification as possible!

Part of our Mission Statement is: “at Gluefast we believe integrity, quality products and superior customer service is the best way to run our business.”
Despite the supply chain and pricing issues, our mission statement remains unchanged.