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Tips for Duplexing & Mounting

When mounting prints or gluing sheets of paper together, it’s important to use quality paper.  If the moisture content of the paper is too low (under 5%) there could be problems when using a water-based glue or adhesive to bond these papers.

Gluefast has great mounting glues and gluing machines for gluing posters and prints onto matboard, chipboard, cardboard, MDF and other wood products.
These products are water based, and if the paper is extremely dry it could absorb the water at varying rates, causing problems with wrinkling and/or curling.

After gluing paper to paper or other materials, it’s important to apply a flat weight for half hour or more, depending on the glue used and the materials glued.  The heavy flat weight will help keep the materials flat as the water is absorbed into the materials and dries.  As part of the Gluefast Duplexing Kit there is a flat weighted board with handles that makes this process simple.

For more helpful hints reach out to Gluefast… if we can’t resolve your gluing problem we will do our best to point you in the right direction.

“Gluefast has been very helpful for our business. Adding cold glue to our arsenal increased our quality and productivity on a variety of paper products. We no longer have to worry about adhesion whenever we use the Gluefast Duplexing system. 
Leiman Chan
Nonstop Printing, Los Angeles, CA”